Friday, December 21, 2012

Basic word frequency analysis

Here are some interesting terms in the Democratic presidential debate from 2008:

I believe we're at a defining moment in our history. Our nation is at war; our planet is in peril....


Total Count of most terms : 9125
Interesting Word Freq Count: 1952
id=1 ct=112(39.16%) term=think
id=2 ct=101(35.31%) term=applause
id=3 ct=97(33.92%) term=clinton
id=4 ct=97(33.92%) term=people
id=5 ct=85(29.72%) term=senator
id=6 ct=66(23.08%) term=health
id=7 ct=62(21.68%) term=obama
id=8 ct=56(19.58%) term=care
id=9 ct=56(19.58%) term=blitzer
id=10 ct=47(16.43%) term=right
id=11 ct=44(15.38%) term=president
id=12 ct=40(13.99%) term=country
id=13 ct=35(12.24%) term=make
id=14 ct=34(11.89%) term=plan
id=15 ct=32(11.19%) term=question
id=16 ct=30(10.49%) term=believe
id=17 ct=30(10.49%) term=important
id=18 ct=28(9.79%) term=issue
id=19 ct=28(9.79%) term=take
id=20 ct=27(9.44%) term=time
id=21 ct=26(9.09%) term=years
id=22 ct=26(9.09%) term=american
id=23 ct=25(8.74%) term=first
id=24 ct=24(8.39%) term=insurance
id=25 ct=23(8.04%) term=bush
id=26 ct=23(8.04%) term=part
id=27 ct=21(7.34%) term=iraq
id=28 ct=20(6.99%) term=year
id=29 ct=20(6.99%) term=million
id=30 ct=19(6.64%) term=need
id=31 ct=19(6.64%) term=united
id=32 ct=19(6.64%) term=states
id=33 ct=18(6.29%) term=over
id=34 ct=18(6.29%) term=able
id=35 ct=17(5.94%) term=change
id=36 ct=17(5.94%) term=immigration
id=37 ct=17(5.94%) term=trying
id=38 ct=17(5.94%) term=work
id=39 ct=17(5.94%) term=clear
id=40 ct=17(5.94%) term=loo

Contrast this word frequency data with an Obama and Romney debate in 2012:

Total Count of most terms : 10361
Interesting Word Freq Count: 1853
id=1 ct=148(40.33%) term=romney
id=2 ct=109(29.70%) term=people
id=3 ct=106(28.88%) term=governor
id=4 ct=102(27.79%) term=president
id=5 ct=101(27.52%) term=make
id=6 ct=89(24.25%) term=obama
id=7 ct=86(23.43%) term=crowley
id=8 ct=72(19.62%) term=jobs
id=9 ct=71(19.35%) term=question
id=10 ct=66(17.98%) term=years
id=11 ct=44(11.99%) term=four
id=12 ct=43(11.72%) term=think
id=13 ct=41(11.17%) term=percent
id=14 ct=40(10.90%) term=country
id=15 ct=40(10.90%) term=energy
id=16 ct=40(10.90%) term=last
id=17 ct=35(9.54%) term=economy
id=18 ct=34(9.26%) term=down
id=19 ct=31(8.45%) term=right
id=20 ct=31(8.45%) term=america
id=21 ct=30(8.17%) term=back
id=22 ct=28(7.63%) term=women
id=23 ct=27(7.36%) term=time
id=24 ct=26(7.08%) term=need
id=25 ct=26(7.08%) term=believe
id=26 ct=26(7.08%) term=able
id=27 ct=26(7.08%) term=good
id=28 ct=26(7.08%) term=million
id=29 ct=25(6.81%) term=folks
id=30 ct=25(6.81%) term=plan
id=31 ct=24(6.54%) term=year
id=32 ct=24(6.54%) term=number
id=33 ct=24(6.54%) term=work
id=34 ct=23(6.27%) term=cant
id=35 ct=23(6.27%) term=american
id=36 ct=23(6.27%) term=done
id=37 ct=23(6.27%) term=small
id=38 ct=23(6.27%) term=place
id=39 ct=23(6.27%) term=part
id=40 ct=22(5.99%) term=over

And here is the GOP debate:

Total Count of most terms : 12322
Interesting Word Freq Count: 2436
id=1 ct=156(35.78%) term=king
id=2 ct=103(23.62%) term=people
id=3 ct=97(22.25%) term=right
id=4 ct=93(21.33%) term=president
id=5 ct=80(18.35%) term=question
id=6 ct=74(16.97%) term=states
id=7 ct=73(16.74%) term=government
id=8 ct=57(13.07%) term=think
id=9 ct=52(11.93%) term=need
id=10 ct=51(11.70%) term=john
id=11 ct=51(11.70%) term=governor
id=12 ct=46(10.55%) term=country
id=13 ct=46(10.55%) term=back
id=14 ct=44(10.09%) term=united
id=15 ct=43(9.86%) term=cain
id=16 ct=43(9.86%) term=take
id=17 ct=43(9.86%) term=romney
id=18 ct=42(9.63%) term=hampshire
id=19 ct=42(9.63%) term=paul
id=20 ct=42(9.63%) term=first
id=21 ct=41(9.40%) term=candidates
id=22 ct=40(9.17%) term=jobs
id=23 ct=39(8.94%) term=state
id=24 ct=39(8.94%) term=time
id=25 ct=39(8.94%) term=federal
id=26 ct=38(8.72%) term=pawlenty
id=27 ct=36(8.26%) term=down
id=28 ct=35(8.03%) term=american
id=29 ct=34(7.80%) term=believe
id=30 ct=34(7.80%) term=america
id=31 ct=34(7.80%) term=economy
id=32 ct=33(7.57%) term=years
id=33 ct=32(7.34%) term=obama
id=34 ct=32(7.34%) term=bachmann
id=35 ct=32(7.34%) term=applause
id=36 ct=32(7.34%) term=money
id=37 ct=31(7.11%) term=issue
id=38 ct=31(7.11%) term=thank
id=39 ct=30(6.88%) term=over
id=40 ct=30(6.88%) term=santorum
id=41 ct=30(6.88%) term=look
id=42 ct=29(6.65%) term=program
id=43 ct=28(6.42%) term=work
id=44 ct=26(5.96%) term=things
id=45 ct=26(5.96%) term=care
id=46 ct=25(5.73%) term=make
id=47 ct=25(5.73%) term=percent
id=48 ct=25(5.73%) term=doing
id=49 ct=24(5.50%) term=obamacare
id=50 ct=24(5.50%) term=where
id=51 ct=24(5.50%) term=administration
id=52 ct=24(5.50%) term=national
id=53 ct=24(5.50%) term=private
id=54 ct=24(5.50%) term=other
id=55 ct=23(5.28%) term=republican
id=56 ct=23(5.28%) term=break
id=57 ct=23(5.28%) term=congressman
id=58 ct=23(5.28%) term=tonight
id=59 ct=23(5.28%) term=senator
id=60 ct=23(5.28%) term=questions
id=61 ct=22(5.05%) term=gingrich
id=62 ct=22(5.05%) term=issues
id=63 ct=21(4.82%) term=medicare
id=64 ct=20(4.59%) term=problem
id=65 ct=20(4.59%) term=life
id=66 ct=20(4.59%) term=cant
id=67 ct=20(4.59%) term=wrong
id=68 ct=20(4.59%) term=continue
id=69 ct=20(4.59%) term=party
id=70 ct=20(4.59%) term=tell
id=71 ct=20(4.59%) term=done
id=72 ct=20(4.59%) term=give
id=73 ct=19(4.36%) term=answer
id=74 ct=19(4.36%) term=start
id=75 ct=19(4.36%) term=policy
id=76 ct=19(4.36%) term=congress
id=77 ct=19(4.36%) term=last
id=78 ct=19(4.36%) term=speaker
id=79 ct=18(4.13%) term=thing
id=80 ct=18(4.13%) term=plan
id=81 ct=18(4.13%) term=debate
id=82 ct=18(4.13%) term=point
id=83 ct=17(3.90%) term=shouldnt
id=84 ct=17(3.90%) term=world
id=85 ct=17(3.90%) term=could
id=86 ct=17(3.90%) term=bill
id=87 ct=17(3.90%) term=home
id=88 ct=17(3.90%) term=little
id=89 ct=16(3.67%) term=conversation
id=90 ct=16(3.67%) term=support
id=91 ct=16(3.67%) term=republicans
id=92 ct=16(3.67%) term=didnt
id=93 ct=16(3.67%) term=better
id=94 ct=16(3.67%) term=maybe
id=95 ct=16(3.67%) term=keep
id=96 ct=15(3.44%) term=made
id=97 ct=15(3.44%) term=year
id=98 ct=15(3.44%) term=again

Here are several job resumes:

Total Count of most terms : 1967
Interesting Word Freq Count: 974
id=1 ct=38(50.67%) term=software
id=2 ct=21(28.00%) term=linux
id=3 ct=20(26.67%) term=developed
id=4 ct=20(26.67%) term=using
id=5 ct=19(25.33%) term=data
id=6 ct=16(21.33%) term=code
id=7 ct=14(18.67%) term=experience
id=8 ct=13(17.33%) term=engineer
id=9 ct=12(16.00%) term=image
id=10 ct=12(16.00%) term=computer
id=11 ct=11(14.67%) term=java
id=12 ct=10(13.33%) term=programming
id=13 ct=10(13.33%) term=design
id=14 ct=10(13.33%) term=windows
id=15 ct=10(13.33%) term=metrics
id=16 ct=10(13.33%) term=graphics
id=17 ct=9(12.00%) term=languages
id=18 ct=9(12.00%) term=realtime
id=19 ct=9(12.00%) term=over
id=20 ct=9(12.00%) term=maintained
id=21 ct=9(12.00%) term=development
id=22 ct=8(10.67%) term=developer
id=23 ct=8(10.67%) term=used
id=24 ct=8(10.67%) term=algorithms
id=25 ct=8(10.67%) term=machine
id=26 ct=7(9.33%) term=processing
id=27 ct=7(9.33%) term=python
id=28 ct=7(9.33%) term=team
id=29 ct=7(9.33%) term=worked
id=30 ct=7(9.33%) term=helped
id=31 ct=7(9.33%) term=years
id=32 ct=7(9.33%) term=university
id=33 ct=7(9.33%) term=game
id=34 ct=7(9.33%) term=perl
id=35 ct=7(9.33%) term=google
id=36 ct=6(8.00%) term=video
id=37 ct=6(8.00%) term=project
id=38 ct=6(8.00%) term=rendering
id=39 ct=6(8.00%) term=monica
id=40 ct=6(8.00%) term=learning
id=41 ct=6(8.00%) term=senior
id=42 ct=6(8.00%) term=product
id=43 ct=6(8.00%) term=technology
id=44 ct=6(8.00%) term=santa
id=45 ct=6(8.00%) term=application
id=46 ct=6(8.00%) term=engineering
id=47 ct=6(8.00%) term=server
id=48 ct=6(8.00%) term=skills
id=49 ct=6(8.00%) term=shiraz
id=50 ct=6(8.00%) term=research
id=51 ct=5(6.67%) term=advanced
id=52 ct=5(6.67%) term=animation
id=53 ct=5(6.67%) term=applications
id=54 ct=5(6.67%) term=designed
id=55 ct=5(6.67%) term=pipeline
id=56 ct=5(6.67%) term=towards
id=57 ct=5(6.67%) term=port
id=58 ct=5(6.67%) term=optimized
id=59 ct=5(6.67%) term=networking
id=60 ct=5(6.67%) term=audacity
id=61 ct=5(6.67%) term=microsoft
id=62 ct=5(6.67%) term=parallel
id=63 ct=5(6.67%) term=audio
id=64 ct=5(6.67%) term=network
id=65 ct=5(6.67%) term=javascript
id=66 ct=5(6.67%) term=aphrodite
id=67 ct=5(6.67%) term=wrote
id=68 ct=5(6.67%) term=implemented
id=69 ct=5(6.67%) term=technical
id=70 ct=5(6.67%) term=responsible
id=71 ct=5(6.67%) term=custom
id=72 ct=5(6.67%) term=systems
id=73 ct=5(6.67%) term=other
id=74 ct=5(6.67%) term=researched

Here is some data on job descriptions:

Total Count of most terms : 918
Interesting Word Freq Count: 479
id=1 ct=23(92.00%) term=experience
id=2 ct=13(52.00%) term=development
id=3 ct=12(48.00%) term=software
id=4 ct=12(48.00%) term=systems
id=5 ct=10(40.00%) term=design
id=6 ct=9(36.00%) term=security
id=7 ct=8(32.00%) term=java
id=8 ct=8(32.00%) term=skills
id=9 ct=8(32.00%) term=plus
id=10 ct=7(28.00%) term=required
id=11 ct=7(28.00%) term=must
id=12 ct=6(24.00%) term=projects
id=13 ct=6(24.00%) term=computer
id=14 ct=6(24.00%) term=strong
id=15 ct=6(24.00%) term=network
id=16 ct=6(24.00%) term=work
id=17 ct=5(20.00%) term=netwitness
id=18 ct=5(20.00%) term=applications
id=19 ct=5(20.00%) term=team
id=20 ct=5(20.00%) term=requirements
id=21 ct=5(20.00%) term=spring
id=22 ct=5(20.00%) term=science
id=23 ct=5(20.00%) term=information
id=24 ct=5(20.00%) term=solutions

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

This project supports distributed property files for easy loading with Java projects.

This project is a solution to this problem:
In a J2EE environment, we are normally used to storing text in a property/resource file.
  • firstName=First Name
  • someOtherData=This is the data to display on screen, from property file
If you are in an environment, where it is difficult to update those property files on a regular basis, what architecture are developers using to change text/label content that would normally reside in a property file? Or let's say you need to change that content before re-deploying a property file change. One solution is to store that in a database? Are developers using memcache-db? Is that usually used for caching solutions?
Would you use a solution outside of the java framework? Like a key/value datastore? memcachedb?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Build a java virtual machine that is actually readable/modifiable for Win32

Is it possible to build a Java virtual machine for Win32 in an sort of understandable way?  It is mostly impossible.  The OpenJDK build will take hours just to build and will take a day to prepare your environment.   If you aren't a core JVM developer, who actually is going to take several days to prep their environment so that they can hack OpenJDK.  The jikes RVM may work with cygwin/win32 but it is mostly designed for linux or some other open platform.  You are really only left with JamVM.  I was actually able to install all of the dependencies with cygwin and perform a build in 15 minutes.  And then actually edit the C source, add a log statement, rebuild and run against a bytecode class file.  JamVM is the only JVM project that is understandable (20-30 core C files) and the build actually works with a modern version of cygwin.

I will go through some of the setup.  It helps to actually install JamVM through cygwin.  Full install.

1. Run cygstart and use cygports as your cygwin repository.  Cygports allows you access to more software packages.

cygstart -- /cygdrive/c/Users/bbrown/Downloads/setup.exe -K

2. Select 'jamvm' and run through the installer.

I am installed 'jamvm-1.5.3-5'

3. Run cygstart -- /cygdrive/c/Users/bbrown/Downloads/setup.exe -K
Again but this time select 'jamvm' source install.  Double click on the text 'Keep' near jamvm.

4.  Change your directory to /usr/src.  The source for jamvm is located in the src directory.

5.  Install jamvm-1.5.3-5 based on the source:

Run cygport ./jamvm-1.5.3-5.cygport all

6.  Then run  cygport ./jamvm-1.5.3-5.cygport prep

7.  Then run  cygport ./jamvm-1.5.3-5.cygport compile

8. Enter '/jamvm-1.5.3-5/build/src'
9. Type 'make' and edit a C source file.

10. javac -source 1.5 -target 1.5
11. Run jamvm.exe Test



Some of the dependencies established through jamvm install:

ecj (3.5.2-1)
gnome-icon-theme (
java-classpath (0.98-2)
java-ecj (3.5.2-1)
libgtk2.0_0 (2.24.10-1)
libjbig2 (2.0-11)
libjpeg8 (8b-1)
libpango1.0_0 (1.29.4-2)
libpng14 (1.4.8-1)
libtiff5 (3.9.4-1)
libXext6 (1.3.0-1)
shared-mime-info (1.0-1)
xcursor-themes (1.0.3-1)


[2]  (1.5.3)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Code snippet of the day: Haskell for the dumb idiot lazy programmers

The euler project problem reads as such, "If we list all the natural numbers below 10 that are multiples of 3 or 5, we get 3, 5, 6 and 9. The sum of these multiples is 23. Find the sum of all the multiples of 3 or 5 below 1000."
Here is one of many implementations in Haskell.  I used a verbose recursive approach, iterate up to 1000 and then build a list with the items of interest.  In this case, 'multiples of 3 or 5'.  The first implementation contains a logging utility for writing a string at each iteration.

Figure 1: Euler Problem1 in Haskell

Here is the second source snippet, I just wanted to provide something more practical, a log parsing example that you can run against your web log files.

Figure 2: Applied Haskell, simply read each line of a file, find a term and output the results to another file.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Image and Code of the Day

Fig 1: Graph of a 'worse case' number of operations, n^2.
Fig 2: Quick Sort Number of Operations vs {n * log(n)} graph.   Quick Sort average case is {n * log(n)}.  During the quick sort simulation, the number of reported operations aligned with the average case {n*log(n)}.
Fig3: R Source for plot of  line graph.  Data consists of rows of tab delimited integer values.
Fig 4: Quick Sort Source in Java

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Anime Reviews by Berlin Brown

Anime is Japanese animation. Animation that is not necessarily targeted for kids. In fact, some Animation can be pretty rough and make a 40 year old squirm. Basically, Anime has characters and culture, stories, plots. If you like interesting stories, then you will like most of the popular Anime.

What is the difference between Manga and Anime? I am American and usually just refer to anything that moves and is from Japan as "Anime" or Japanimation. But that isn't entirely accurate. There are some Anime TV series/movies that were Manga comic books in Japan and then made into movies. Manga to Anime. Manga is Comic Book in Japanese. If someone says, "Fullmetal Alchemist is a great Manga". I guess they could refer to the comic book version of Fullmetal or the TV adaptation. But normally they are referring to the comic book. Anime can be an animated series derived from a Manga.

Popular Adult Stuff

There are many genres of Anime. I like the adult themed stuff. Horror, Cyberpunk, Sci/Fi etc. With the adult themed Anime, you get similar story lines, violence and action that you would get from a Hollywood blockbuster. The difference is that the Anime is animated. When you think Cyberpunk, think Blade Runner. Cyberpunk focuses on technology, cybernetics, robotics but culture is at a lowpoint. Popular cyberpunk Anime focuses on wealth by big corporations but poverty is rampant among the lower classes. You see this with series like Ghost in the Shell, Akira and Ergo Proxy. Why cyberpunk? It is for those that like technology, sci-fi and a bit of nihilism.

What is some popular Anime?

Recent Updates:

Hell Girl (7/10), Darker than Black (8/10), xxx holic (7/10),

Ghost in the Shell (theme Cyberpunk, rating = 11/10) - Ghost in the Shell is the iconic Cyberpunk series. It is cyberpunk, alongside Blade Runner. I can't even review Ghost in the Shell. It is the best of the best and you should get as many of the TV series and movies as you can. I encourage you to watch every episode. That is my review. Ghost in the Shell is a story about cyborgs and robotics fighting crime. That is the core of the series. But my short synopsis doesn't do justice to the intricate story lines. Just watch it.

Ergo Proxy (theme Cyberpunk, 10/10) - Ergo Proxy is popular but not as familiar as Ghost in the Shell. It is Cyberpunk with a mix of fantasy, horror and sci/fi. It is a long series and has a solid, dark theme. Ghost in the Shell is a detective cyberpunk series. Ergo Proxy is more fantasy and dystopia. Most of the series involves the main character running from the oppressive society.

Monster (theme Detective, rating 8/10) - Monster is pretty basic detective/conspiracy story. A doctor is falsely accused of murder and other crimes. He goes on the lamb and tries to find the sadistic conspirator. I gave Monster a score of 8 because the stories are pretty basic and plain. But it still is an enjoyable series.

The Last Exile (theme Steampunk/Military/Flight?, rating 9/10) - What is steampunk. Somehow in Japanese Anime world, steam and diesel? can be used to fly planes and control machines. Generally these steam punk series target a fictional time period around the early 1900s. Ironically, you have steam powered robots and other machines that seem quite advanced. Anyway, The Last Exile is a steam punk/flight series that focuses on two friends that are caught up in a war. A lot of the series focuses on their relationship and how the war tears them apart. It is solid Anime. Good story, animation. At times, there is too much a focus on the drama of their lives as opposed to the war going on.

Pumpkin Scissors (theme Military/Detective?, rating 7/10)

Heroic Age (theme Science Fiction)

Other Notable Shows:

Black Lagoon (8/10, part fan service, lots of bad language)

-- From Berlin Brown
-- Vote Ron Paul 2012

House MD

House MD is a good TV show

-- berlin brown

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Random Technology Links

Here are random technology links:

[Jan 2012]
COLT: (public)
SLF4J: See for an explanation.

--- Berlin Brown

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I am Zit Pomney and I am running for President

I am Zit Pomney and I am running for President.  I have a vision for America.  I want to bring jobs to this country.  I know I am the front runner but I am a tough boy, I can take the attacks from the other candidates.  I will get America back to work.  I will work hard for America.  America is a great place with great people.  And we need to balance our budget

"I love how the current candidates don't actually say anything of substance 99.9% of the time.  So I have created my fictional characters, meet Zit Pomney"

Ron Paul can't win or can he?

"One of Ron Paul's top people was just talking about this...
Most candidates win the White House based on their viability. You see this with Romney and Obama.
Ron Paul will win based on his ideas.
... You can vote for Obama or Romney because you think they can win, solely on the basis that they can win. You can vote the party line... solely on the basis of that person being a Democrat or Republican.
But you vote for Ron Paul because you like his ideas. And his ideas aren't half bad."

"Why is the media avoiding Paul? Avoiding is the wrong word. Completely tearing apart the guy every chance they get and cozying up to other candidates.
On Bush 2, he clearly seemed unqualified. He didn't have a long history in Texas. Before that, his businesses seemed to be tied to his family legacy. And in office, we ended up with perpetual war based on false information. Oh yea, and we were attacked.
With Obama, he only had 4 years of experience in Senate and no real big agenda except for Obamacare and a message of change. And in office, we are seeing some of the worst economic times, especially for the middle-class. ...
What does the media expect could happen if Ron Paul were in office? We get invaded by Iran?
The only thing that makes sense is that Ron Paul will dismantle the sleazy private/public relationship that has existed for several decades.
That or they are just really scared of real changes but don't really understand why they are scared."

Friday, January 6, 2012

Thirty second review of top modern TV shows

This is a short review of about a dozen top TV shows that have appeared in the last decade or so.   I advise you purchase the DVD TV sets and watch them based on your own schedule.

These aren't sorted in any particular order but the better shows will normally appear at the top.

  1. The Wire (10/10) - (Urban gang land violence) So far the best TV show I have seen.  It was getting predictable and dry towards the end of the series but I don't think there is any better show that feels "real".  It is dark and gritty and highly watchable.
  2. Dexter (9.9/10) - (Almost comical look at a serial killer do-gooder) Dexter is the show about the serial killer that also happens to be a blood splatter analyst in the police department.  Normally he finds another bad guy or serial killer and does away with him.  It is also a dark series with lots of gore and sometimes it can be serious.  But I tend to find some of it comical.  The Wire is not comical at all, Dexter can be.  It is comical in its sense of irony.  The top serial killer just happens to work for the police.  And it is a really good show, probably one of the best ever created.
  3. Breaking Bad (9.5/10) - (Chemist turned drug dealer) - Breaking Bad is the more serious version of Weeds.  Walter White, the main character, is an obsessive, neurotic, family-loving middle-aged smart guy that is using his genius to sell drugs.  He gets away with it most of the time, the other time everyone is out to kill him or screw him over.  It is good maybe a little bit too stylized.  There are too many moments of someone or something just sitting out in the dessert and we are supposed to appreciate the moment. 
  4. The Mentalist (9.1/10) - (Really observant showman solves crimes) - You may disagree but I think this is the most complex show I have watched.  Each episode is like a puzzle you have to figure.  It is a smart program if you are into smart programs.  Some of the characters are a bit dry and the later episodes are becoming too easy to figure out.
  5. The Shield (9.3/10) - (Bad but also Good cops try to get away mayhem) - If you google "The Shield", some consider it the "Cops version of the Wire" or the "White version of the Wire".  That is basically what it is, a different look at urban warfare through the eyes of the cops.  And also appears on network TV so it is less gritty than the Wire.
  6. Star Trek TNG (10/10) - Still the best sci-fi TV series out there.
  7. Numb3rs - (8.5/10) - Standard TV fare, predictable  crime drama where they throw in math problems in solving the crime. 

Python matplotlib plotting setup for cygwin

Matplotlib is a popular python library for generating plot graphics.   It works with cygwin win32 but some non-intuitive steps are required.

Install cygwin:

CYGWIN_NT-5.1 1.7.9(0.237/5/3) 2011-03-29 10:10 i686 Cygwin
I am using cygwin with setup 2.7.3

Install python through cygwin:

This document describes installing python and matplot with cygwin.  For most windows users and cygwin users, normally you would use the external python executable.  I tend to prefer all of my script oriented applications running through cygwin including python.

Python 2.6.5 (r265:79063, Jun 12 2010, 17:07:01)
[GCC 4.3.4 20090804 (release) 1] on cygwin

In the cygwin setup.exe installer, install:

The freetype libs, python-gtk, python-tk, libpng

Download matplotlib from sourceforge:

I am using the latest version matplotlib-1.1.0 as of 1/2012.

Issues with standard python install and cygwin:

The typical 'python install' will not work with cygwin.  You need to modify a configuration file and run some other additional commands.

In the root directory of the expanded matplotlib directory, edit the setup.cfg.template configuration file.

Around line 70 in the file is a commented line, uncomment the line such that you have:

tkagg = False

Run install and watch it fail

Try running 'python install'

It should fail with an error like the following:

2 [main] python 2796 C:\cygwin\bin\python.exe: *** fatal error - unable to remap C:\cygwin\bin\cyggfortran-3.dll to same address as parent: 0x18660000 != 0x69780000
Stack trace:


Exit cygwin and close all cygwin instances including the one you are working with.  You won't be using the typical  cygwin prompt for the next command.

In windows explorer, open the cmd.exe or windows command

You will need to run rebaseall.  First, shut down any long running processes like sshd, close all Cygwin prompts and so on.

Type the following commands:

cd \cygwin\bin
PATH=. rebaseall -v

And you should get several lines of output.

Run install and watch it succeed

Try running 'python install' command again in the matplotlib directory

Running Example Program:

# python
Python 2.6.5 (r265:79063, Jun 12 2010, 17:07:01)
[GCC 4.3.4 20090804 (release) 1] on cygwin
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
import matplotlib.pyplot as pyplot

About Me (Berlin Brown resume):

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Campaign, help from political science community

After this race is over, I wish a fair politic science group could look at the media's handling of this race.
Here are some BIG missteps in how the media handled this race:
  • Sarah Palin, why prop her up at all?
  • Rick Perry enters the race and within two weeks, he is a front runner
  • Herman Cain, once again, why prop him up?
  • And then Newt's rise
  • Look at the criticism against Ron Paul.
Someone could just look at the timing and wording of discussion on the candidates. It is obvious they have their favorites.
CNN and Fox didn't campaign for Ron Paul 24/7 like they did with other candidates. But they did have Ron Paul on their programs. Ron Paul had to defend his own platform. But CNN, Fox did the campaigning for the other candidates.
And it is easy to spot, just look at the amount of coverage, wording and discussion.