Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Most recent software projects and why

Here are my recent open source projects: (Most of these are proof of concepts, source included projects. Use subversion to check out any project).

botnodetoolkit - A complete Clojure/J2EE framework that makes it easy for developers to taking care of browser and server-side components. And other server applications.

haskellnotebook - The Haskell Notebook (another Haskell Cookbook) contains some common and not so common Haskell programming idioms that are contained in a collection of working/compilable examples. There is also a collection of source code from other functional programming languages including Lisp and Erlang. This project is similar to other cookbook projects that you may find on the web for various other programming languages.

iphonenotebook - Octanemech - simple opengl iphone demo. keywords: objectivec, opengl, iphone3, xcode

jvmnotebook - The Java Virtual Machine ( Sun's JVM is called HotSpot ) is a java bytecode interpreter which is fast, portable and secure. Jython, JRuby, Scala, ABCL (Common Lisp) are popular language implementations that run on the JVM that allow for the jvmcookbook sugar of their particular languages.

lightscalaplugin - A Light Eclipse Plugin for the Scala Programming Language

lighttexteditor - Light (also known as LTEC) is a text editor application for editing, viewing and searching through raw text documents.

websecuritynotebook - The web is one of the most pervasive technologies created. The hacker community knows this and will take advantage of web application vulnerabilities. This set of cookbook examples provide tips, tools and utilities to aid against cross-site scripting attacks, injection attacks and other resources.

openbotlist - Botlist is an example application, a proof of concept demo to demonstrate how to use a JVM Language (JRuby) in a J2EE environment. It could possibly work as a complete solution, but it is mostly an example implementation of a web application. The source is fully available and I encourage J2EE web application developers to browse the source.

octanemech - Octane Mech is a 3D, OpenGL based Mech game written in Haskell.

octaneos - The Octane OS Project started with the intent to design a lightweight Operating System. It has a small kernel for an x86 system. The host development environment is designed to work with the Bochs x86 emulator or VMWare. The base shell environment will be with the Factor programming language.


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