Monday, August 6, 2012

This project supports distributed property files for easy loading with Java projects.

This project is a solution to this problem:
In a J2EE environment, we are normally used to storing text in a property/resource file.
  • firstName=First Name
  • someOtherData=This is the data to display on screen, from property file
If you are in an environment, where it is difficult to update those property files on a regular basis, what architecture are developers using to change text/label content that would normally reside in a property file? Or let's say you need to change that content before re-deploying a property file change. One solution is to store that in a database? Are developers using memcache-db? Is that usually used for caching solutions?
Would you use a solution outside of the java framework? Like a key/value datastore? memcachedb?