Wednesday, June 29, 2011

GTUG Atlanta, GWT and HTML5

I went to the GTUG Google Technology Atlanta group yesterday. It was a good crowd of about 30 people. The GWT demos focused on Local Storage, Canvas, Audio, Video and some other topics.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

General Programming: Learning and using a programming language

This is an expert from a slashdot post on programming languages:

"We only make programming difficult because we suck at writing. The vast majority of programmers aren't fluent, and don't even have a desire to be fluent. They don't read other people's code. They don't recognise or use idioms. They don't think *in the programming language*. Most code sucks because we have the fluency equivalent of 3 year olds trying to write a novel."

"In language acquisition there is a hypothesis called the "Input Hypothesis". It states that *all* language acquisition comes from "comprehensible input". That is, if you hear or read language that you can understand based on what you already know and from context, you will acquire it. Explanation does not help you acquire language. I believe the same is true of programming. We should be immersing students in good code. We should be burying them in idiom after idiom after idiom, allowing them to acquire the ability to program without explanation."