Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Botlist released on code.google.com

Botlist has been released on code.google.com. There really isn't much to say. The web application has been released in its raw form. There are some issues I mentioned on the wiki page with the SQL database create scripts and some "url" path issues. But I will fix these real soon. Stay tuned for updates. Also, I hope to send over the opml feeds so that you can import into your RSS readers.

Here is the blurb from the googlecode page.

Botlist is a social bookmarking web application that contains a news aggregating/news/article submission site. There is also an ads listing section so that users can post personal/ad profiles. The application itself is created with the following libraries; JRuby and J2EE's Spring framework as a middleware piece, Hibernate for object relational mapping (ORM). It is designed to run with Tomcat but should work with other J2EE servers. Search functionality uses the Lucene API.

Other Features

News aggregation (some links will be included); over hundred and fifty thousands links thus far.

You can reply to comments, up or down vote the news articles, post new article links similar to other social bookmarking sites.

- Comma delimited output for easy, text based access (for developers)

- Numerous documentation on architecture

- Discussion Forums section

- User profiles

- Ad/Profile listing section, listed by city

- Sort search by relevancy, submit date

- Can also operate as a simple bug tracking system

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