Saturday, December 12, 2015

Things /r/Atlanta says

Couple of posts from Atlanta:
Georgia poll finds wide GOP support for Donald Trump and his Muslim ban

Jury finds ex-deputy accused in botched raid that injured toddler not guilty on all charges

Saturday, June 13, 2015

ELI5: A Libertarian Response to Bernie Sanders

So we all know that Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist. And I don't hate the guy but I disagree with a lot of his positions. Here are some of his positions or things he has discussed recently, why do you think these are bad thing from a Libertarian position. I have my own ideas but wanted to hear your take on them.

  • Bernie wants to provide free college education. I guess that this is some kind of free public education to state schools. Will he also nullify college loans? What is wrong with this?

  • Bernie wants to attack Wall Street and rich CEOs. I don't know how he goes "after Wall Street". And he keeps mentioning the wage gaps between what CEOs make and people in poverty. Why are his positions wrong here? "Meanwhile, as the rich become much richer, the level of income and wealth inequality has reached obscene and astronomical levels
  • Bernie want to raise the minimum wage, I guess at the federal level, possibly to $15 a hour. Why is he wrong on this?
  • Bernie wants to break up the banks. (I don't know how that would work). And I used to work for Citigroup, I don't want the government breaking up the company. (Eventually they did sell off units). How can the President encourage breaking up corporations? Why is this bad.
  • And when I mean wrong, I mean, with your ideal government or if Rand Paul was in power, how would Rand Paul or a Libertarian President respond to these positions?

I see Bernie wanting to raise taxes, go after CEOs, enforce regulations on Wall Street. I want a President that will cut back on government spending. Get rid of useless federal government departments like the DEA. Follow the Constitution. Significantly reduce taxes. Reduce useless regulations. Repeal Obamacare and other massive social programs. Reduce defense spending. Pull troops out of foreign lands. Reduce spending to foreign governments like Israel. Work with other governments like Iran and Cuba, build a better relationship. Sure would love that those talking points.