Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New real world haskell book is coming out


I am a rare breed and love picking up technical books. Some say they are too behind the technology trends. That is true, but if you need a book on text parsing or artificial intelligence, then a 30 year old book is as good as a 2 year old one. The real world haskell book is one that I am looking forward to; I have already picked up two haskell books and this will only enhance the collection.


hch said...

Can you recommend a book for someone who just read the Gentle Introduction?

Berlin Brown said...

I really like this and you can pick it up in the stores. Covers practical topics, abstract topics.

"Haskell: The Craft of Functional Programming (2nd Edition) by Simon Thompson"

The Haskell School of Expression: Learning Functional Programming through Multimedia by Paul Hudak

I have this one too and it seems ok, but I just didn't like the style of focusing on media applications. For example, it is kind of an experimental way of writing a programming book. As opposed to focusing on topic by topic, the author goes through the steps of writing a media application in haskell. I was pretty happy with the book above so maybe I just wasnt that interested in this particular one.