Friday, January 25, 2008

Machine Learning in future releases of the Lucene project

This is major news. The Lucene developers released Lucene 2.3; in future releases except machine learning capabilities.

"That will be a separate project, but may be beneficial to Lucene users. There are currently some patches in JIRA for Lucene that implement ML algorithms. The goal of this project is to provide commercial quality, large scale machine learning (ML) algorithms built on Hadoop under an Apache license. I have seen a fair amount of interest already, and hope to have this project underway in the coming month."

Would be interesting if the team could introduce the following algorithms.

* 1.3.1 Naive Bayes
* 1.3.2 Neural Networks
* 1.3.3 Support Vector Machines
* 1.3.4 Logistic Regression
* 1.3.5 Locally Weighted Linear Regression
* 1.3.6 k-Means
* 1.3.7 Principal Components Analysis
* 1.3.8 Independent Component Analysis
* 1.3.9 Expectation Maximization
* 1.3.10 Gaussian Discriminative Analysis

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