Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Early linux source code 0.1, working on modern compiler.

"Abdel Benamrouche announced that he has updated the original 0.01

Linux kernel to compile with GCC-4.x, allowing it to run on emulators such as QEMU and Bochs. After applying his series of small patches, Abdel explains that the 0.01 kernel can be built on a system running the 2.6 Linux kernel. He added that he's successfully ported bach-3.2,
portions of coreutils-6.9, dietlibc-0.31 (instead of glibc), bin86-0.16.17, make-3.81, ncurses-2.0.7, and vim-7.1 all to run on his modified 0.01 kernel." -- Quote from blog entry.

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