Monday, October 22, 2007

Random Ramblings: Haskell OpenGL on Win32 doesn't work at all?

Random Ramblings

I can't tell if it is a failure on the part of the Haskell OpenGL testing team (open source developer volunteers) or on my part for not doing enough research? Whatever the case may be, there seem to be a lot of issues with writing Haskell OpenGL code on the Win32 platform. If you read the mailing list, you will get 100 steps on how to either compile with FreeGLUT or get the opengl haskell source from darcs or both. With that being said, my issue is that I will compile some code and then attempt to launch the application and you can tell that the window launches but no 3D graphics and the window does not stay open.

Typically in a win32 environment. The runtime OpenGL DLL is resident on the system and the developer will only have to compile against a particular set of libraries. The Glut DLL is normally not installed but hardware vendors typically are supporting it now. I don't know if Haskell uses a FFI interface to connect to those DLLs or is it compiled against FreeGLUT. If your code is compiled against FreeGLUT that is normally more difficult to address because those libraries are needed at compile time.

Hopefully, in the near future I will write a wiki entry on how to really get OpenGL working on the win32 platform.

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