Friday, December 23, 2011

Ron Paul is the most racist candidate in 2012 by far 

Summary of his remarks. 

Repeal drug laws and it will be a tremendous improvement for blacks snared in an injust system. 

Systems that are impartial will have no special punishments or rewards for people. Right no no one can deny blacks are punished by our justice system. That has to stop. Blacks are 14% of drug users, yet are 36% of those arrested for drugs. 

We must get black men out of prison. The war on drugs is responsible for this. It cost $400 billion since the 1970s fighting drugs. Prohibition is a failure. Drug addiction is a disease and should be treated medically. 

Death penalty is wrong, unjust, and racist. The rich never get it, the poor and minorities are far more likely to get the death penalty. 

Rosa Parks is one of his heros for engaging in peaceful civil disobedience against injust laws. 

Ron Paul has gotten the most black votes of any Republican candidate because he is against injustice. 

He will issue a presidential pardon to EVERYONE, black, white and otherwise convicted of non-violent drug "crimes". 

Libertarianism is about the individual, not the color of their skin. Paul is the anti-racist because he is the ONLY candidate that will protect people against vicious drug laws.

Edit: In recent news Kelly Clarkson supports Ron Paul for 2012.  And not a bad song: Stronger.