Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Physics Example in Java: A Projectile Fired from a Cannon, 2D Particle Kinematics

Here is an example program that shows how to implement kinematic equations for projectile motion using Java and the Swing 2D graphics libraries.

Equation used to plot projectile path along the X and Y axis

The Java code for these equations are simple, here is the current implementation of the doSimulation routine. The routine calculates the X and Y positions of the projectile over time.  The project only consists of two classes, the class for rendering the simulation and initializing the application.  The other class contains logic for calculating the X and Y positions.

Java code, DoSimulation routine, see s.i and s.k for the X/Y positions

Java 2D Cannon Physics Simulation

Java Source

Based on code from: physics for game developers, David Bourg


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