Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vacation, AI, and Haskell

Well, I have time off. Normally what that means is, I spend many late nights studying constantly. Some people go to the beach. I like to research.

This time I am going back to AI and Haskell. Maybe combining the two. I have a couple of themes in my AI research. I have followed the same theme since I was young. Biology, Physics and how it relates to AI. Essentially, you need to design AI from the ground up, create an environment, a virtual environment for this entity to exist and then let the intelligence flourish within that environment. Then make connections between the real environment and our environment.

Interesting AI is difficult. It is too bad that researchers mix the field with informatics and machine learning and all things that seem to belong to the more generic field of Computer Science. Genetic life is the only interesting field that seems like true AI, maybe neural network research.

So, it is my opinion, that to create the AI that we dream of. Not the CS AI you read about in research journals, we need create the AI lifeform and have it exist within a AI virtual environment. Then we interact.

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