Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So, I signed up for I knew even before the get go that they were going to be a fraudulent company. I knew it. And I had no intention to use the service at all. Curiosity got the better of me. So, I signed up and paid for the ONE month service. Notice ONE month service. Let me say it again. ONE month service. You would think that a ONE month service would only charge you or keep you active for ONE month. No apparently, I have been charged month after month with the ONE month fee. It was my fault, I used an account that I explicitly use for online transactions like this one and didn't notice the charges. Well, I did happen to notice and there it was.

Ask yourself, why would I get charged several months, for a one month service. There is nothing explicit on the site at all about automatic renewals. It is so unfortunate that a company has to resort to these tactics.

Here are the prices for the service.

$34.99 -- 1 momth
$19.99 -- 3 months
$16.99 -- 6 months
$17.99 -- 6 months

So, if I sign up for the 1 month service, that is $419.88 a year if I get charged for the entire year. $36 for the most expensive 6 month service.

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