Thursday, March 27, 2008

ANN: google-code project releases (haskell, erlang, jvm source and more)

I finally had a chance to review my projects on google code and setup downloadable releases: Here are the projects descriptions and downloads:

The Haskell Notebook (another Haskell Cookbook) contains some common and not so common Haskell programming idioms that are contained in a collection of working/compilable examples. There is also a collection of source code from other functional programming languages including Lisp and Erlang. This project is similar to other cookbook projects that you may find on the web for various other programming languages.

Compiling the Source

If you are attempting to compile the source, you should be able to do the following assuming that you have the Glasgow Haskell Compiler installed. In the event that you copied the code from one of the wiki pages and you receive an error, check the subversion repository or downloads for a mirror of the wiki example (the formatting on the wiki may have caused the issue).

ghc --make -fglasgow-exts Simple.hs

Functional Programming and Factor

This notebook and set of cookbook examples was ideally setup to explore different functional programming languages. Even though Factor is not considered to be a functional programming language. It is still an interesting project and language, so some factor cookbook examples will also show up under this project.


Milestone and CHANGELOG highlights

Haskell/Erlang examples set1 (3/28/2008)

  • uploaded HaskellSimpleTextMining?.tar.gz - haskell text mining example; covers many different aspect of haskell. Including a web scraper (python) and tools to analysis web document, naive bayes analysis, finding simple document statistics.
  • uploaded SimpleIrcClient_Erlang?.tar.gz - simple erlang IRC client
  • uploaded erlang_set1_d032008.tar.gz - erlang cookbook examples set1
  • uploaded haskell_set1_d032008.tar.gz - haskell cookbook examples set1, many topics include monads, cabal, reading/writing binary files, etc
  • uploaded lisp_set1_d032008.tar.gz - lisp cookbook examples set1, lisp widget toolkit (example FFI source code), lisp apache log file analysis tool

The Java Virtual Machine ( Sun's JVM is called HotSpot ) is a java bytecode intepreter which is fast, portable and secure. Jython, JRuby, Scala, ABCL (Common Lisp) are popular language implementations that run on the JVM that allow for the jvmcookbook sugar of their particular languages.

This project contains multiple sub-projects and code demos related to those jvm language implementations.

Milestone and CHANGELOG highlights

JVM Notebook, set1 release (3/27/2008)

Also, octanemech

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