Friday, February 22, 2008

Botlist Hackathon - Adding test/build server and Lisp web frontend

It is going to be a fun weekend. I am building a simple build server/jobs that will create daily builds. Also, I plan on creating more test coverage for the botlist system.

Fun, fun, fun.

Botlist is built with many languages so it will be interesting to build a complete test suite.

In case you are interested, languages actively being used. In order of use. (leaving out html, xml, bash and other misc items).

1. Ruby/JRuby - Main web front-end (see
2. Python - Misc scripting tasks, web scraping, etc.
2b. Python/Django - New web front-end.
3. Java/J2EE/SpringMVC - Part of the main web front-end.
4. Haskell - Text processing back-end.
5. Erlang - Web scraping, IRC bot.
6. Lisp - New web front-end.

Other notables.

A. Perl - for misc scripting tasks
B. Factor - used for web test framework, I started it, but didn't get to work on it further. Still a powerful language for such tasks, probably better than some above.

Actually, if you really want to get generic.

1. 3 imperative languages are used; it is easy to swap between Python, Ruby, and Java code.

2. Haskell is the most unique; it is a function language, but pretty different from Lisp or Erlang.

3. Erlang is pretty unique also.

4. Ditto for lisp.

Really there were 4 environments used.

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