Sunday, February 17, 2008

Apparently the junglerl www_tools has issues

I am guessing that the www_tools erlang library doesn't support a valid HTTP request. Because I can't even get a valid response from a simple lighttpd based page. Sigh, I guess I have to fix it.

In any case, here is the code I am testing.



-import(url, [test/0, raw_get_url/2]).

start_social() ->
io:format("*** Running social statistics~n"),
case url:raw_get_url("", 80) of
{ok, Data} ->
io:format("Data: ~p ~n", [Data]),
{ok, Data};
{error, What} ->
io:format("ERR:~p ~n", [What]),
{error, What}
io:format("*** Done [!]~n").

%% End of File

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