Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Campaign, help from political science community

After this race is over, I wish a fair politic science group could look at the media's handling of this race.
Here are some BIG missteps in how the media handled this race:
  • Sarah Palin, why prop her up at all?
  • Rick Perry enters the race and within two weeks, he is a front runner
  • Herman Cain, once again, why prop him up?
  • And then Newt's rise
  • Look at the criticism against Ron Paul.
Someone could just look at the timing and wording of discussion on the candidates. It is obvious they have their favorites.
CNN and Fox didn't campaign for Ron Paul 24/7 like they did with other candidates. But they did have Ron Paul on their programs. Ron Paul had to defend his own platform. But CNN, Fox did the campaigning for the other candidates.
And it is easy to spot, just look at the amount of coverage, wording and discussion.

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