Friday, April 24, 2009

Scala Syntax Highlighter For Eclipse

A Light Eclipse Plugin for the Scala Programming Language

This Eclipse plugin provides syntax highlighting for the Scala programming language.
At present, the plugin only supports syntax-highlighting. The highlighting style is similar to the default Java style for Eclipse.

Last Tested on WindowsXP, Java 1.5, Eclipse 3.4.2 (As of 4/24/2009)



Matt said...

Just curious, what's the motivation for this versus the current "Scala IDE for Eclipse" plug-in?

Berlin Brown said...

Can't there be more than one.

I generally use the scala emacs mode. The most used feature of that mode for me is the syntax highlighting.

This plugin so far is just that, a syntax highlighter. Doesn't compile the source or find errors.

This plugin also just works off of the scala source. No new scala project is needed. If you have a mix of Java/Scala or X language project then you still syntax highlighting.

This plugin also doesn't require scala or a scalac compile of the source. It is pure java and the codebase is very small.