Monday, March 9, 2009

XHtmlrenderer, for XHTML to PDF, PNG, JPEG, etc new release candidate 8


We once again thank the many people who contributed to this release (named in the changes that follow).

* Features
o Upgrade to use iText 2.0.8
o Support for callback on form submission using new FormSubmissionListener interface; patch from Christophe Marchand (thanks, Christophe!).
o Support reading properties which are not in our standard config file, passed in via an override config file or via System properties. This is to support extended configuration parameters for JDK logging, e.g. appenders, formatters, etc.
o Added XML-APIs to lib directory to support compilation when using Java 1.4, which includes it's own (old) version of the XML APIs. This allows us to reference classes in the newer XML APIs for which there are Java 1.4 implementations.
o Support adding custom header properties on PDF output
o Add ability to set PDF version programmatically
o Add ability to manipulate PDF output document before it's closed
o Implement -fs-keep-with-inline: keep property that instructs FS to try to avoid breaking a box so that only borders and padding appear on a page
o Expose copy of parsed entities from catalog.
o Add ability to have different starting page number for first document too
o Add API to retrieve PDF page and coordinates for boxes with an ID attribute
o Improve support for PDF encryption, patch from Josh Hayes-Sheen: allow finer control over the encryption of PDF output; default to standard 128bit but now one can choose between that, 40bit, or AES_128, and can 'or'PdfWriter.DO_NOT_ENCRYPT_METADATA against it
o Support using a Document instance with Java2DRenderer; patch from Michael Janiszewski Browser
o demo app: Add PDF export to browser (patch from Mykola Gurov)
o Implement CMYK color support for PDF output, starting with patch from Mykola Gurov
o Make FSScrollPane a bean; patch from Nicholas Sushkin.
o Add rudimentary support for data URLs (patch from Sean Bright)

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