Friday, February 6, 2009

Cher is a moron, or why I hate group-think hate on other groups

Cher is a moron.

"You know what? I have so – I try to be charitable and there are some really good Republicans, but I just don’t understand how anyone would want to be a Republican. I just can't figure it. I don’t understand," she said. 'If you’re poor, if you're any kind of minority – gay, black, Latino, anything. If you’re not a rich – I don’t know. If you're not a rich born-again-Christian, I don't get it."

I have a comment for you, musicians shouldn't discuss politics. How does that feel? Doesn't make a lot of sense, does it?

I feel that there isn't such thing as a "Republican", the same way that I feel there is no such thing as a "black" person or a "white" person. Race is also unscientific and difficult to categorize people.

You have genealogy which can be traced from generation to generation, but that doesn't mean anything. For example, people say that Barack Obama is black. Clearly Barack Obama is not black at all. Based on the genetics of his parents, it is just as easy to say he is white.

There is no such thing as a Republican or Democrat, especially in modern day America. It is a non-concept and we should do best by getting rid it. We put way too much importance on these dirty party affiliations. It isn't in the scientific journals. There is no DNA associated with a Republican. It is just a coined up term as a quick and cheap way to lump people into groups. But all it does is to add to the confusion and not get us anywhere as a country. The worse culprit of these oh so scientific terms is the media. And don't get me wrong, Barack Obama is a smart person but he didn't win the election completely by himself, especially early on. The media certainly gave him an needed extra push. Let me say it another way before you disagree with me. The media lost the election for McCain and Hillary Clinton. An Obama speech is just a little bit more exciting than a McCain one, regardless on what was said. Just remember, Obama was behind when facing Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and the others. But after a couple of wins, the media focus was clearly on him. And give credit to Obama for not slipping up when it was. YES, I know that there is an actual 'Republican Party' and 'Democratic Party', liberal and conservative. But is it useful to call somebody 'a Republican, a Democrat'. My use of the term 'Republican' is probably much different than Cher's usage. Cher may not discount 'Republican' so easily. People are going to study the work of Bill Bennett, Newt Gingrich, David Gergen (yes, I picked popular TV personalities). I would love a political debate between Cher and Newt Gingrich and see which comes out looking half-way intelligent.

"There is no such thing as a Republican"
How so?

Take Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh has been making money by disagreeing with the left. Who knows what he is really like. I guess that he wants to put on this republican front to get rich.

Sean Hannity does seem like a die hard republican. Especially with his love for Reagan and all.

Even if you vote Republican (when I mean 'you', I mean idiot America), doesn't even really mean you understand the Republican principles. You probably voted Republican or Democrat for a variety of different reasons. Probably very little to do with your devotion to core Republican or Democrat ideology.

Please, I would love for someone to dispute these facts:

1. Barack Obama is not 'black'. Race is stupid, so I say this. Obama's dad is from Kenyan. Obama's mom is from Kansas and has European ancestry. Is this a fact?
2. There are 300 million people in the country. 131 million people voted. Is this a fact?
3. 46% of the country voted for John McCain. That comes to 59 million people. Is this a fact?
4. Are all the 59 million people that voted for John McCain a republican. Is this a fact? Answer, can not be determined.
5. George Bush is 62 years old. Is this a fact?
6. George Bush went to Yale and got all C's in History. Is this a fact?
7. "He was the 46th Governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000 before being sworn in as President on January 20, 2001." Is this a fact?
8. Before 1991. George Bush really didn't have a political career. Is this a fact?
9. Is George Bush a republican?

Here is my point with the questions.
I believe George Bush is a poor leader and listening to a whole staff poor leaders, but I don't believe that ALL Republican leadership IS bad. E.g. I don't believe all Republicans in Washington are bad. For example, Ron Paul has given me the best insight into politics and economics that I could have ever imagined. He is a Republican.

People are stunned when I tell people about Austrian Economics and go "hey that makes a lot of sense".

I don't really believe George Bush is a republican. I believe Barack Obama is more "Democrat" the Bush is Republican. Why? Because Barack got into politics and Democratic agendas early on and has kept Democrat associations.

Why do I care? I just hate it when people lump people into groups and then hate the group. People hate Christians. People hate Muslims. People hate Black people. People hate Republicans. People hate Democrats. People hate Iranians.

But there really isn't a way to determine if a person is a Christian, Muslim, Black.

Here is why I care and isn't to defend the Republican brand. It is to defend the 59 million people that Cher seems to hate.

Take the Muslim Americans. The reason why you are not a victim of Muslim extremists is because of the Muslim American community. Local police officials regularly get tips about bad Muslim activity and the good Muslim Americans normally report these issues. This is according to former CIA operative Robert Baer. He believes there hasn't been another 911 because the Muslim American community loves America and has done a lot of good.
With that being said, the right-wing (and left) media seems to spread the idea that 'Muslims' are bad people. For example, if you see a discussion about 'Muslims', it is normally going to be about terrorism.

I have a couple of big pet peeves, the mob and mob mentality is one of my big ones. I hate when people arbitrarily lump a population of people into a group. If it isn't for scientific purposes, maybe census purposes than it is completely bogus. (Yea, maybe the census does loop people by race and political affiliation but I guarantee it isn't for anything meaningful). I especially hate these categorizations when they are completely wrong. For example the meme, "Barack Obama is black". Since 'black' doesn't really mean anything I guess that is the way we operate these days. Half truth gets rounded up to truth. I noticed that Barack was quick to correct people when they said he was Muslim but didn't hesitate to accept that he was black. I found that kind of convenient or more importantly, a very good political play. When 95% of the 'black' population votes for you, I guess it would be kind of hard to say, "Hey hold on guys, I am not really black". And lets not forget that Bill Clinton was the real first Black president. I can't help but roll my eyes at that one. Since we are discussing religion, I want to believe that Barack Obama is an Atheist. Not in he what he has on his resume but I am basing my hypothesis on how much attention he has really given to a 'Christian' message. Barack is a smart guy and not afraid of science. He has discussed green energy plans, wants to appoint a CTO, knows how to use a blackberry, and even knows about the Bubble Sort (see the recent Google video with the Google CEO). But at the same time, he probably wants to go along with the tribe, attend church every once in a while (don't forget the blackberry), as to not piss a lot of people off. I want an Atheist, scientific leader; great for me, not so much for the American tribe.

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