Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Botlist Updates to Documentation

"Google recently released news that Google's index contains one trillion URLs. This is great news that the Internet has grown to such enormous size but not that great for users that want to traverse all of that information. Google and other search engines provide applications for users to "search" the web and get to information they are interested based on keywords and other queries. Social networking sites turns that paradigm around a bit. Applications like Del.icio.us, Digg, Reddit and Botlist provide user portal sites for users to post their favorite links. As opposed to users querying and searching for interesting links. Users submit their links to sites like Reddit and tag them with interesting titles and keywords. Hopefully the user submitted links fall inline with content that you are also interested in. Botlist attempted to go a step further and focus on the bot/agent generated links. News aggregation and user submitted links.

Botlist contains an open source suite of software applications for social bookmarking and collecting online news content for use on the web. Multiple web front-ends exist based on Django (through Google AppEngine), Rails, and J2EE. Users and remote agents are allowed to submit interesting articles. There are additional remote agent libraries for back-end text mining operations. The system is broken up by the back-end specification and front-end specification. "



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