Saturday, June 7, 2008

Simple code snippet; with common lisp (sbcl) connect to database and query with CLSQL

;; Author: Berlin Brown
;; Short Description: Database Test - connect to the entity links database
;; and run a query
;; Environment: (SBCL 1.0.14) common lisp with libraries:
;; clsql-mysql, uffi
;; Description: The following snippet contains common lisp code
;; connect to a simple URL database called botlist_development and returns
;; two records from a table called entity_links.
;; References:
;; [1]

(require :clsql)
(require :clsql-mysql)

(setf clsql:*default-caching* nil)

;; Data structure to store our links
(clsql:def-view-class entity_links ()
:reader main_url
:initarg :main_url
:type string)
:reader url_title
:initarg :url_title
:type string)
;; Ensure that the references to the entity links table, uses
;; the correct tablename and case.
(setf (clsql:view-table (find-class 'entity_links)) '|entity_links|)

(defmacro with-db ((database) &body body)
;; Supply database connect str
(,database '("localhost" "botlist_development" "USER" "PASSWORD")
:database-type :mysql
:pool t
:if-exists nil)
(defun test-db ()
"Wrapper method for the test case; connect to the database
and run a simple query"

(with-db (db)
(setf clsql:*default-database* db)
(clsql:status t)
(let ((z (clsql:query
"select main_url from entity_links limit 0,2"
:database db))
(d (clsql:select 'entity_links
:database db
:flatp t)))
(print z)))
(format t "After with-db~%")
(clsql:status t))
(defun main ()
"Main entry point for the example"
(format t "Running - ~%")
(format t "Done - ~%"))

;; End of the File

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