Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ubuntu Hardy Heron: Horrible web experience with Firefox, horrible experience

Who do you blame? Adobe Flash, Firefox, the Ubuntu version of FF?

I don't know; but I would just like to say, the bugs with firefox make for a horrible web experience, a horrible experience over all.

From reading the forums, it looks like flash might be the issue and the main culprit.

That is fine, but aren't the people that create Ubuntu big enough to give Adobe a call and try to work out the issue.

Sorry for the rant, but I am frustrated. I don't think I have ever used a piece of software that has crashed 5 minutes after use and then opened up again to crash again. What was my crime. I don't know; clicking on links?

I know I will get flamed for this, but I just gave my honest opinion. I have dealt with this issue for every FF upgrade since the early FF2 releases. Every time, epic fail.

I even had FF3b5 from Mozilla's site and I deleted it, thinking the Heron version would have better integration. That was a big mistake.

Anybody, who is new to Ubuntu; there are going to be issues that the reporters won't tell you about. Don't believe the hype. Please, I am just trying to help you out.

I will continue to use Ubuntu, as I haven't owned a Windows system since 2000 or so; so I don't hate it overall, there are just aspects that certain products couldn't get away with. I even posted about this on the ubuntu.brainstorms, along with a million other people. I guess that didn't get through.

Back on topic; my issue is that FF on Heron sucks and I don't feel like going threw 500 browsers to browse the web.

I will use Lynx or Emacs I guess. I give up.

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