Sunday, November 25, 2007

Blog Spam: Cat programming language

This is my first blog spam post but I hope to post more in the future. Basically, blog spam is a post that does not have any real content and is generally used to promote the blog. In my case, I am not promoting my blog but I just thought this post on the Cat programming language is interesting and I didn't really feel like trying to come up with some witty entry so instead I will just copy the project description and resource links:

"Cat is a functional stack-based programming language inspired by the Joy programming language. The primary differences is that Cat provides a static type system with type inferencing (like ML or Haskell), and a term rewriting macro language extension language called MetaCat."

What I also thought was interesting was that Cat is embeddable.

I hope to make OctaneLang embeddable as well.

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