Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ron Paul can't win or can he?

"One of Ron Paul's top people was just talking about this...
Most candidates win the White House based on their viability. You see this with Romney and Obama.
Ron Paul will win based on his ideas.
... You can vote for Obama or Romney because you think they can win, solely on the basis that they can win. You can vote the party line... solely on the basis of that person being a Democrat or Republican.
But you vote for Ron Paul because you like his ideas. And his ideas aren't half bad."

"Why is the media avoiding Paul? Avoiding is the wrong word. Completely tearing apart the guy every chance they get and cozying up to other candidates.
On Bush 2, he clearly seemed unqualified. He didn't have a long history in Texas. Before that, his businesses seemed to be tied to his family legacy. And in office, we ended up with perpetual war based on false information. Oh yea, and we were attacked.
With Obama, he only had 4 years of experience in Senate and no real big agenda except for Obamacare and a message of change. And in office, we are seeing some of the worst economic times, especially for the middle-class. ...
What does the media expect could happen if Ron Paul were in office? We get invaded by Iran?
The only thing that makes sense is that Ron Paul will dismantle the sleazy private/public relationship that has existed for several decades.
That or they are just really scared of real changes but don't really understand why they are scared."

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