Monday, June 7, 2010

Trolling berlinbrowndev: On the Maddow and Rand Paul Interview

Rand Paul made some controversial statements on Civil Rights... I am responding to the interview.

He doesn't have to answer the question directly on Civil Rights. He isn't setting up businesses that doesn't allow African-Americans or gays. He is attempting to serve his district as a legislator. I just don't see the question on private business discrimination as a major topic. Of course, no one goes into business to discriminate. At the same time, it is hard to stop businesses from very explicit, out right discrimination. But, hopefully the people will stand up against that business. In a political debate, under the civil rights act, a business can't discriminate based on race, religion. But in theory, a business can discriminate based on what kind of clothes you wear or how you smell, whatever. I don't think the topic Maddow brought up was very interesting or relevant.

People want to attack Paul? I say attack Maddow. What a silly series of questions. It smells of a cheap Bill O'Reilly. Most Americans won't setup a private business and then discriminate against people. It isn't good for business. But in theory, a business can covertly discriminate. What is the issue here? Is the government really going to spend time going after businesses that might discriminate against people (MSNBC included, do they even have any black hosts?) or should the federal government deal with more pressing issue.

Plus, it isn't the 1950s. Times have changed. There are some aspects of the Civil Rights Acts that might not be as relevant today. For example, they mention hotels, movie theaters. What about discrimination on online sites? Can I setup jdate for jewish people and not allow the amish to join my site. Some people might not complain about that. Would the government have a case against jdate or 100kplus jobs.

Civil rights laws are tough. So Maddow's incendiary questions are difficult to answer.

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