Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Asperger's and not about facial expressions

I have been reading up on Austism and Asperger's recently. Just adding to my psychology research. One thing that struck me about the current research. Researchers believe that people with Asperger's are bad at reading facial expressions.

"On a wide variety of tests that distinguish normal females from normal males, he says—from eye contact to language development to understanding facial expressions to intuitive physics—autistics of both genders lie beyond normal males, on the other side of the spectrum from females."

Personally, I just don't feel that high functioning austics are bad at something as simple as reading facial expressions. But, they may in fact be bad at all the emotions associated with a positive or even negative facial expressions. Is a smile more than a smile. Is a frown a threatening response. There is probably so much going on with the expression that it is information overload for the Aspie. So, I always wonder why research is devoted to this.

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